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Jimtawl represents a radio station on the web. Show the visitors your programme calendar, programme details, playlists, who is on air.

Please note: The current version 2.2.8 fixes a high level security issue. Please upgrade, if you are still running a version lower than 2.2.8.

Jimtawl Features

  • Presenting radio shows: airtime, next broadcasting date, description, team, contact, website
  • Introducing presenters and editorial stuff: name, picture, description
  • Program announcements for the next show
  • Scheduling and creating playlist for the current program
  • Presenting segments: title, text, audio, category, genre, images
  • Navigable program calendar
  • Segments archive
  • Module "Who is on Air now"
  • Support of Joomlas search
  • Podcast Feed

Why has Jimtawl been developed

Jimtawl was developed for the needs of the community radio station "Radio Z" along with 200 editors from many different "life-worlds", which are producing 90 different programs. Each program has a very different target group. So it's not a radio station for "permanent listening". Therefore, it is important to inform the listener about broadcasting dates and topics of "his" program and representing the stations complex structure on its website is essential.

Interviews are daily provided as audio files and playlists are posted. The editors create program announcements for their next show. They are supported by the editorial system Jimtawl, which models the team stucture in its rights system and is helpful in the various phases of production.

Is Jimtawl useful for a "one-man-webradio"

Of course it is. Many of the features will not be used in this case. At the first time entering of stations structure you will feel, that Jimtawl is unnecessarily sophisticated. But during daily use Jimtawl will save time.

Jimtawl 2.4.0

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Please note: The current release version 2.2.8 fixes one high level security issue.